Exploring Opportunities

Colorado is known for both majestic natural beauty and abundant natural resources. Our generation’s challenge of meeting growing energy demands while maintaining the environment is a core focus for Apollo Operating. Incorporating more renewable energy sources will be an ongoing process because oil and gas are ingrained in our nation’s infrastructure. Colorado has a long history of O&G production since one of the first commercial wells in the United States was drilled in 1862 near Canon City.

In the last decade, unconventional resource oil and gas development in areas like Niobrara in Colorado, Bakken in North Dakota, and Eagle Ford in Texas have dominated the US energy markets. Unconventional resource developmental plays are a key aspect of Apollo Operating’s portfolio because of their low-risk profile. However, conventional exploration is also a part of our growth focus and strategy.

If you are a landowner who is considering leasing your DJ basin property in Larimer, Lincoln, Washington or Weld Counties, we urge you to contact us. Our modestly sized operation works hand in hand with landowners to customize solutions to their concerns. Apollo Operating is flexible in our landowner discussions compared to rigid, boiler-plate agreements presented by larger companies.

Please review each of the focus areas highlighted in the green buttons to the right for more information on our operations, which play a part in the thriving Colorado economy.




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