North Lincoln and Southern Washington Counties in Colorado are target areas for Pennsylvanian and Mississippian aged conventional reservoirs. Apollo is actively acquiring O&G assets and conducting geophysical seismic surveys with near term drilling plans.

Success rates for finding conventional oil and gas traps with reservoir characteristics capable of hydrocarbon production in the area are risky, estimated at 20% probability. Vast areas of leaseholds must be acquired for geophysical evaluation which also affects the economics of success. However, recent discoveries such as the Arikaree Creek, Snow King and Great Plains fields in the area have invigorated the search for similar windfalls in the Eastern plains of the DJ Basin.

Various drilling opportunities have been identified through Apollo’s Simpson 2D geophysical program in Southern Washington County, including the Rodwell 14-31 well.  This initial vertical test well is one of three Apollo has permitted in the area with plans to spud in the 2nd to 3rd quarter 2017.  The Well will be drilled to a depth of 8,000 ft. or a depth sufficient to test the various Mississippian and Pennsylvania formations.

The Steamboat Hansen 8-10 well contains a hydrocarbon charged Mississippian carbonate known as the “Spergen Formation” that is extensive across much of Central and Eastern Colorado. Please reference the diagram below that highlights the productive rock characteristics that we target for conventional hydrocarbon traps.






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