Cooperative Colorado Oil & Gas Company

Apollo Operating is a Denver-based energy, oil and gas exploration and production company. Oil is a key ingredient in our nation’s energy mix and we work to produce it cleanly and effectively. Apollo addresses the needs and concerns of landowners through an open dialogue and flexible lease agreements. Our agile operation is set up to expedite the extraction process so that landowners can reap the rewards of their property’s natural resources immediately.

Specific areas of focus are the Denver-Julesburg Basin / Wattenberg Field in Northeastern Colorado and the Las Animas Arch in Southeastern Colorado. Apollo’s principal, Jesse L. White, plays an active role in day-to-day operations and would be happy to speak to you personally about how Apollo caters to individual landowner priorities including generating earnings quickly while maintaining the natural beauty of your land.

Apollo is a privately held and financed company that uses its resources to combat the leverage exerted by larger O&G companies. Apollo functions as an independent energy, oil and gas exploration and development firm. Our goal is to develop energy assets dynamically to quickly generate cash flow and return on investment for both landowner partners and private investors.

Thank you for visiting ApolloOperating.com. We hope that by providing more information about the O&G industry, you’ll feel more comfortable with our collective role in facilitating the energy needs of the future.

Fraud Alert

Fraud alert regarding Apollo Operating, LLC purchasing drilling rig and/or equipment. Please contact Jesse L. White regarding any such matters.





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